Olive Nation

150% ROAS Increase for a Wholesale Food Supplier

Olive Nation

The Client

Location- United States

OliveNation is dedicated to providing the highest quality cooking and baking ingredients for bakeries, breweries, caterers, ice-cream makers, food manufacturers and other food-related companies. 

The Results

OliveNation was working with two other digital marketing agencies when they contacted WeAdU to inquire about managing their Google Ads. Their strategy was to test agencies simultaneously to make a decision, so we started by working with one of their campaigns. Due to our performance, we were given their entire Google Ads account to manage within a couple of months.

They have been investing in Google ads since 2013 and were generating an average of 550K sales/per year. We took over in Jan 2020 and increased sales to 1.5 mil by the end of 2020 and 2.2 million in 2021.  Since we took over the optimization and management of their Google Ads campaigns, their advertising spend increased by 50% and their ROAS increased by 150%.

How it’s going


$2.41 million



8 million in sales


$11.6 million

Conversion Value:


Olive Nation
, we can help you
Improve Google Ads performance by
over 50%

Here is What

Olive Nation

CEO had to tell about us.

Yi Ding
Yi Ding
Marketing Manager
Olive Nation

We have been working with WeAdU for the last 3 years, and we have never been disappointed. The team is able to deliver the requested performance, always.

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