Are your Google Ads Suspended?

❌ Have you experienced a suspension, resulting in financial losses and disruption to your advertising efforts?❎ Have you tried to create a new account but found that it has also been suspended?🛑 Do you urgently need to get your Google Ads account back up and running?If you've answered yes to any of the above, we can help!

There are several reasons why a Google Ads account may be suspended

Google Ads Suspension
Policy violations: Google Ads has strict policies to ensure a safe and positive user experience. Your account may be suspended if your ads or landing pages violate these policies.

Payment issues:
If there are problems with your payment method or if you have outstanding balances, your account may be suspended.

Quality issues:
Google Ads aims to show relevant and high-quality ads to users. Your account may be suspended if your ads do not meet these standards.  

The meaning of misrepresentation" for a Google ads account encompasses various grounds: unacceptable business practices, false contact information, deceptive pricing practices, clickbait Ads, and more. We help you identify the causes and rectify them to lift the suspension.

Google Merchant Center
Misrepresentation:  If your GMC account is suspended, you will no longer be able to run Shopping campaigns. Additionally, the linked Google Ads account may also be suspended. Several Google policies for GMC must be followed to avoid suspension.

Examples of policy violations that may result in suspension include providing inaccurate tax information, incorrect shipping prices, an incomplete checkout process, and incorrect product pricing in the feed. It can also be related to your website and its content. If you have noticed a problem that needs to be fixed to avoid suspension, it is important to address it as soon as possible.

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