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20yrs of Experience

Driving sales with Google Ads management services since 2002.

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What our customers say

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"Tested and approved!”

I have worked with other Google Ad Agencies in the past, but the results were not good - it was more talk and fewer results. We’ve been working with WeAdU for a couple of months now, and I’m impressed by the team’s focus. We’ve seen improvements almost immediately, and I recommend WeAdU for anyone to improve their ROAS.

Daniel Leena
CEO & Founder
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"Unmatched ROI"

Jeff’s team is intelligent, responsive, involved and brilliant! We have been working with WeAdU for years and have grown our business a lot with them. Highly recommend!

Human testimonial
Philippe Berdugo
CEO & Founder
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“On-point performance”

We’ve been working with WeAdU for the last three years, and I’ve never been disappointed. The team has always been able to deliver the expected performance.

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Yi Ding
VP Marketing

A small team that fuels big results

Jeff Pen

With 20 years of experience in Paid Search advertising, he’s a real expert in his field. He’s now putting his expertise towards the performance of our clients worldwide.

Jeff Pen

Maxime Gonidec

Previously leading Operations at Google, McDonald’s, and others, he’s a driver of our agency’s growth. He ensures that our customers and partners have a smooth experience.

Maxime Gonidec

Alexandra De Souza

With 10 years of experience leading business development, she is passionate about helping our customers find the right solutions for their paid advertising initiatives.

Alexandra De Souza

Fabio Mangas

Formerly consulted more than 300 clients in various industries for the French and Swiss markets. He recently joined WeAdU to reinforce the team.

Fabio Mangas

Pay us based on the business we generate for you.