Poseidon Charters

CPA Decreased from $120 to only $4.25

Poseidon Charters

The Client

United States

Poseidon is a charter fishing business with trips off TampaBay and New York. Most of the business comes through their website and they have been managing their own Google Ads campaigns internally since 2019. Somehow, they didn’t see the growth they were expecting to see and had to make a change.

The Results

The client began working with us in 2022. They wanted to increase the number of conversions and lower their cost per conversion (CPA).They also pointed out that they would be launching a new website in January 2023, which could present a challenge for Google Ads campaigns. As expected, we had to wait about 6 weeks before the initial results started showing up. The number of conversions skyrocketed, and the CPA decreased from $120 to only $4.25 in a matter of weeks.

How it’s going






8 million in sales


Conversion Value:


Poseidon Charters
, we can help you
Improve Google Ads performance by
over 50%

Here is What

Poseidon Charters

CEO had to tell about us.

Hunter Harris
Hunter Harris
Poseidon Charters

We are leaving the Google ad business to the experts, WeAdu. We are confident that if this trend continues, their strategies will help grow our business to greater heights. Lastly, I’d like to add that working with Fabio and his team is a pleasure. They take a deep interest in our business and understand who our target market is. We look forward to a long mutually beneficial partnership with Weadu.

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